Please consider contributing

We appreciate all of your generosity in helping bring qualified volunteers to East Africa.

We believe in transparency.

This is how your generous contribution will be spent.

13% of the money will go to cover administration costs for GoFundMe and Triangle Advising (our US-based fiscal sponsor), and processing it to CAFG bank account in Uganda. For example:

·      Triangle charges 7.5% on the fees they receive on our behalf

·      GoFundMe charge 2.9 % on what we raise on its platform

·      2% will go on remittance fees to reach the CAFG bank account in Uganda and other normal monthly bank charges.

17% will go on administration costs to support CAFG launch and logistics to organize a week long medical camp where over 500 people will receive free medical tests and treatment for common illness. Logistics include promotional materials, press releases, transport costs, license, allowances, photographs etc.

70% will go to build capacity of 126 local NGOs in volunteer programming, management and recruitment of skilled volunteers as well as procure medicine, medical equipment, food, scholastic materials for 380 children at Child Welfare Attainment center and Tomern Gosa in Uganda.