Partner Benefits


  • Partner with an innovative NGO that builds on the decade of experience in East Africa by its visionary founder, Francis Sekate, who brings unique insights and experiences and is committed to making a real impact for the long term, not just bringing volunteers onboard for short-term, project-based work and then signing off.

  • Partner the only East Africa-based NGO that breaks through the “voluntourism” mold and brings you the right volunteers, with not just the right skill sets, but the right mind sets.

  • Be confident that with Change Africa for Good, your goals will be clearly defined and measured, with full accountability on the part of both CAFG and the volunteers it recruits and trains.

  • Benefit from the personalized approach of CAFG, who stands by its volunteers every step of the way, with training upfront, onsite support, and extensive follow-up, to ensure success for all parties.

    We work only with doctors, nurses, teachers, public health and business professionals who have completed at least 3 years of their careers in relevant areas, have a college/university education, and are based in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. You also have access to retirees, corporations, and unions (doctors, nursing, teachers). We will provide you with volunteers who are committed to making change, not those simply participating in voluntourism.

    You can network with other nonprofits, gain increased visibility online, and benefit from easy-to-use volunteer recruitment tools, convenient account access, and more.