Our Competitive Advantage

The field of international volunteering organizations is crowded, which is not surprising given the size of the multi-billion Industry. There is little regulation and no mechanism to hold providers accountable.

 Francis Sekate, our founder, learned through his years of experience that the NGOs sending volunteers to East Africa were out of touch with the real needs of the communities or organizations they purported to help. The end result: wasted time and resources for the already strapped NGOs and frustrated volunteers who felt they had accomplished very little for the time and money spent.

 Francis knew that more could be done on both sides. Volunteers could be selected and trained so that they bring real benefits to the NGOs. The NGOs could be better prepared and equipped to make the most of volunteers while offering the life-changing experiences volunteers seek.

 With the help of consultants and international volunteers who quickly saw the need for a new model, Francis devised the infrastructure and systems (using his engineering and project management expertise) that enabled him to launch Change Africa for Good in 2018.

 “After interacting with volunteers and NGOs for many years, I saw the need to provide comprehensive packages in the form of training to both volunteers and NGOs so they better understand each other.”

He created packages and links to resources where volunteers can learn about the culture, history, and daily life in the communities where they will work. For example, a primary school teacher from New York might be matched with a primary school in Rwanda. The teacher will be given materials in advance, covering the education system in Rwanda and the challenges. The local school will have a trained volunteer coordinator who arranges specific deliverables that are relevant to the school and agreed upon by the entire school staff. There will be constant monitoring and follow-up to ensure goals have been met on both sides.