Our founder, Francis Sekate, mentored Elizabeth Fortunate Bakanansa, now the CEO of the organization that he founded, the Children Welfare Attainment Center in Uganda, and an early partner of Change Africa for Good.

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Elizabeth’s story

Elizabeth’s story is one that shows how training, education, and empowerment can lead people to realizing their dreams. She began as a nurse and a social worker and rose to become a leader of an NGO and a passionate child welfare advocate.

Under the leadership of Francis, Elizabeth has managed many teams of international volunteers, from the UK, Netherlands, the U.S., Jamaica, and Italy, and she has seen first-hand how important it is to match them with the right projects suited for their skills. As well, she has seen how volunteers share their knowledge so that programs can continue once they depart.

“With the volunteers Francis recruits” Elizabeth explains, “we can carry out monthly medical camps to give free, basic treatment to vulnerable children. For the past 3 years, we have treated, on average, 30 children a month, for such things as skin infections, malaria, dental services, and HIV testing and counseling.”

Elizabeth is not alone in her excitement about Francis’ new venture, Change Africa for Good; many NGOs share her enthusiasm, based on what they have witnessed in his past work.