What is it like to help change the lives of others?

What is it like?  What is it like when you wake up in a foreign country, in circumstances wildly different from your own, when you are being relied upon for your skills to help uplift a community? What brought you to this moment, this adventure beginning?

The volunteer experience is a bold undertaking, and whether it is love of humanity, a desire to share skills or the need for adventure that brings our volunteers to Uganda, Change Africa For Good is eternally grateful to generous people who made time in their lives to help strangers a world away from their own.

So - what brings you to this page?  Are you an educator? A medical professional? Are you seeking to share your skills with those people that could truly benefit from your experience?

Educators - Take Note and Volunteer with Us!

The education system in Uganda leaves a lot to be desired. Volunteer teachers and administrators bring their expertise from all over the world to share best practices with our educators, and give them the tools and strategies that work in their own classrooms, fueling a love of teaching and beginning a virtuous circle of success.  Teachers equipped with new strategies can engage classrooms of children and give them a reason to love learning.

Not all educational opportunities exist only with children! We value all of the experience international educators can bring.

For example: our volunteer Mike Klother, who volunteered with CAFG at the Child Welfare Attainment Center, did an in depth study of the community to examine why students were not attending schools.  Upon learning that education wasn't as highly valued by parents as it is elsewhere, a plan was put in place by Mike and a team of university interns to educate the parents of children, helping them to see why they should support their child’s education and growth and their rights to both.

Seeking Medical Professionals  - Volunteer With Us!

Medical professionals of all types are desperately needed in Uganda.  There is a shocking shortage of doctors, with only one licensed doctor for ~25,000 Ugandans. This shortage means that illnesses become harder to fight, and are significantly detrimental, impacting not only the individual’s health, but the lives of those around them.  When one person cannot work due to illness, or another needs looking after, these effects combine to limit their individual potential. Medical professionals help to mitigate the effects illnesses have on the community as a whole, through educating patients on disease prevention, treating minor medical needs, testing for diseases and referring acute cases to hospitals.

Our volunteer Andrea made a long list of the things he was put in charge of while on his medical mission with the Child Welfare Attainment Center. Administering medicine, diagnosing patients, and organizing a dental camp were among his responsibilities - volunteers can take on as much or as little they see fit, though most, like Andrea, come wanting to give their all.  After 12 days volunteering in Kalambi, he enthusiastically reports that he “would recommend to anyone from every part of the world to live this opportunity” and speaks to the warmth and welcoming environment he became a part of.

Does this sounds like an opportunity that you might like? Reach out to us via the contact page, and we’ll happily share more stories and answer any questions you might have.