While we’re biased, we believe that Change Africa For Good is the best program to volunteer your skills with for a number of reasons.  We could go on forever, but to spare you, we’ll give you our top THREE.

This is not “voluntourism!” It’s Volunteering! - Since you’ve found Change Africa For Good, it’s likely that you had to wade through the websites of several organizations providing ‘volunteer opportunities” for gap year travelers, students, and vacationers of all sorts, looking to spend a week “doing good.” Most of these programs offer opportunities to travelers that don’t leave a lasting impact in the communities they serve, and it has been reported that they sometimes do more harm than good, functioning as a tourist stop rather than bringing qualified volunteer assistance.  

While we encourage all volunteers to go out and do their part, and fundamentally believe that if it’s within your ability to help it’s the right thing to do, Change Africa For Good places skilled professionals in communities that need guidance to effect lasting change. Our educators and medical professionals help set up systems that spur long term benefits through “teaching the teachers” as well as the students, and educate the community on how to mitigate and manage health concerns. When you volunteer with Change Africa For Good, you not only get the “feel-good” elements of volunteering, but you can know that you’ve made a real change.

(2) Share your skills in an environment that critically needs them. - Chances are you didn’t go through years and years of training to become a doctor or educator just to serve a select community, but to fulfill a passion for helping others. The empathetic qualities of doctors and educators can help heal the world.  It can be hard to see or believe from a position of privilege, but there are many places in the world where this kind of work is secondary to just getting by. For a multitude of reasons, many of which are entirely unavoidable, these crucial elements of well-being are passed by.

Given that doctors are rare in Uganda, anyone qualified to provide real medical attention is desperately needed.  Call up upon your skills earned over many years of training, and tap back into the reason you became a doctor in the first place. Be there to help those who cannot access the care they need, and change lives.

Educators in Uganda do everything they can with the skills and the tools they have, but it’s not enough. Even the teachers themselves often do not have a mastery of the material they are teaching.  There is a set country-wide curriculum in Uganda that should be met, but in many areas, the skillset is just not there. Come join Change Africa For Good, and teach the children and the teachers what they need to foster a lifetime of learning.

(3) Personal Development - We’re not here to mislead you. Chances are high that the environment you will be volunteering in looks a lot different than the one you are used to. Most Westerners don’t sleep under mosquito nets or use pit latrines, but these are just elements of a different way of life! As a volunteer, you’re committed to learning about a community different from your own, and it may stretch your boundaries in ways you aren’t expecting. That being said, life exists outside of your comfort zone, and when you reach beyond your perceived boundaries, the people you meet, relationships you make and new experiences you have will combine to enrich you further.  Not only are you volunteering to help others, but will very likely find that they help you as well.

Challenge yourself to use your skills in resource-constrained environments.  How will it change your approach? What new knowledge gained will you be able to apply when you arrive back homeAre you ready to create real impact? Give us a shout! We’ll answer all of your questions and help you on your journey!