Volunteer at a Church in Kenya


Change Africa for Good (CAFG) attempts to match an individual's skills and interests with a need or opportunity available to any Church/NGOs across East Africa. Here you will find volunteer projects currently available at Triumphant Church Chwele Alter. Please plan accordingly for the time of dialogue and discernment as you consider your available travel dates.

Note: Our partner churches/NGOs, are not always able to financially assist volunteers in overseas service. Overseas volunteers are usually expected to fund their work and living expenses. In some cases, the host institution may provide housing or meals, but this is not always possible.

A wide range of skilled volunteers are need to counteract these challenges.

Available Volunteer Projects Summary:

All of these positions are located in Kenya.

  • Ministry Development Specialist, 3-6 months

  • Theology Professor, 2-3 months

  • Strategic Advisor, 2-3 months

  • Communication Advisor, 1 month

  • Fundraising Specialist, 2-3 months

Pastor of Ministry Development

Volunteer Project Description


Work collaboratively across all areas of our church to enhance our strategic capacity, increase our effectiveness, empower leaders and mobilize volunteers to serve.

Identify and assess strategic needs:

  • Work with lead pastor and pastoral team to identify needs within all areas of the church
  • Determine what is missing, what is not effective and what needs to be done
  • Work with pastoral team members to define and develop ministry systems that address those needs


  • Turning our vision and our best thoughts about the vision into reality.
  • Work with ministry areas to implement the above strategic systems
  • Recruit and develop new leaders to implement

Mobilize volunteers (working together with ministry leaders across all area of the church):

  • Mobilize people to engage in these systems and assist/coach leaders to nurture both the systems and especially the people
  • Be a relational presence and meet with people who want to serve
  • Identify skills, experience and gifting within our community
  • Work with ministry areas to connect volunteers to needs
  • Work with ministry areas to increase relational connection, nurture and follow up

Provide direct pastoral oversight for specific ministry areas of our church


  • Work with our various ministry teams to engage and recruit skills and passion within our community for content development
  • Coach leaders in content development
  • Oversee church-wide consistency in content while supporting contextual differences
  • Oversee the production of reproducible material to add to our “library”

Workshops and seminars

  • Identify and assess needs within our community
  • Coordinate activity in synch with other content themes and church-wide activity
  • Build relational equity within these venues that is sustainable beyond the venue
  • Maintain a close integration with groups

Discipleship groups

  • Provide general leadership, care and development for all discipleship group leaders
  • Work with Pastoral Team to provide one on one oversight and coaching for all group leaders.
  • Recruit, train and nurture new leadership
  • Assess needs and coordinate development of new groups
  • Work with leaders to connect the groups to growth, community and servanthood activity
  • Mobilize groups to act and serve within our community
  • Work on use of content and curriculum within groups

Sunday Programming

  • Oversee the programming of the service as a whole
  • Integrate service plan with other church activities outside the auditorium
  • Work closely with worship leaders and teams on thematic and philosophical consistency
  • Develop additional holistic worship forms
  • Develop teams to increase our capacity to use media and other technology
  • Work with leaders to recruit and develop volunteers for key roles


  • Supervise Director of Admin and Communications
  • Create an effective internal communication plan that meet our church community’s needs
  • Create an effective external communication plan that helps the people who want to find us
  • Collaborate with Pastor of Connections to facilitate, track and integrate newcomers into the life of our church community

Work with Pastoral Team to care for and oversee church community as a whole

  • Serve on Pastoral Team
  • Provide general pastoral care and oversight for church community as required
  • Speak on Sundays as required
  • Champion the church vision in all aspects of church life

Essential Qualities

  • Devoted follower of Jesus
  • Passion and commitment to the vision of Triumphant Church Chwele
  • Spiritual Leadership: heart for prayer, commitment to personal growth and consistent dependence on Jesus
  • An understanding of leadership as servanthood
  • Highly relational: ability to connect with and relate to people
  • Energetic and positive: Willingness to love and care for the people of our community and track record of dealing with stress and conflict well
  • Creativity and resourcefulness: naturally and easily thinks “outside of the box” when seeking solutions or strategizing
  • Flexibility and a team player; openness to learn

Required Skills

  • College graduate and/or equivalent work history.
  • 3 years’ experience in a management/supervisory position.
  • Proven track record of thinking strategically, creating and managing systems to mobilize others towards specific goals
  • Proven track record of developing and leading teams and individuals
  • Computer and basic software competency essential
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Attention to detail and follow through
  • Ability in public speaking
  • Experience in a pastoral role preferable

Additional Requirements

  • volunteer must bring own computer
  • short term (1-4 weeks) volunteer must commit to raising US$ 494-809 paid in advance.
  • Long term (2-3 month) commit to raising US$ 1000-1500 paid in advance

Participation fee borne entirely by the volunteer and no repayment at the end of the project, the fee covers only program funding, accommodation, food, pre-departure administration work, on arrival orientation, airport pick up and Registration fees.

What to expect on arrival date?

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed and collected by your project coordinator from the airport and delivered to your accommodation house. Here you will receive an orientation to help you settle in, find out about your volunteering placement, the local surroundings and meet your fellow volunteers. A representative from the local team will fill you in on local customs, traveling, rules and recommendations, and of course, what to expect from your volunteering experience. This is a great opportunity to get to know your hosts, meet your fellow volunteers, and ask any last questions you may have.

Accomodations and Meals?

Our volunteers in Kenya joining our volunteer projects are accommodated by directors of the projects. - which are perfectly located in safe and convenient suburbs close to their project locations. In most cases volunteers are provided with a private room, but during busy periods you many need to share with other volunteers.

Volunteers appreciate that western standards like flash toilets, showers and constant running water should not be expected. Volunteers expect to find very clean pit latrines, bucket shower and water containers to draw water in a nearby water source, or collected in a tank. Bending and mosquito nets are provided.

There is generally no internet available in accommodation areas, however you can purchase a SIM card and purchase a data plan on your phone. Then you can communicate freely back home.

Volunteers on this project are provided 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Volunteers can also prepare meals of their choice should you find local meals not palliative, cooking facilities are normally provided.