Volunteer Ethics

For you to be successful in all your volunteer endeavors, learn and fully understand these personal and professional Ethics. These Ethics work well in any environment but will be more practical in the African volunteering experience you are about to start.

  1. Be culturally Sensitive

Cultural sensitivity is the pillar to working in a different culture, whether it’s a different city or country. It is important to remember that your work is not only about your understanding of the subject matter, it’s about people you are working in. Your work will not be successful unless you stop and listen to their desires, needs and experiences.

Poor Economics

Why do the poor miss out on free life-saving immunizations, but pay for unnecessary drugs? The authors shows that, to create a World with out poverty begins with understanding the daily decisions facing the poor

If you want to help someone……

Ernesto Sirolli recounts stories of his time in Development and how no one ever spoke to the locals and only listened to what they wanted to do. Those projects failed miserably

The Ugly side of volunteering

This Article from Al Jazeera explains how well intentioned volunteers, went to Cambodia, unintentioned helped aid in child exploitation, as a result of them being unaware of the culture.