Youth in Kalambi Attain Livelihood Skills

Waswa Denis, Nanyonjo Max and Magi Najjemba lives in Kalambi, a village in Wakiso District central Uganda.

Like any other villages in Wakiso district it has semi-urban environment with rapidly growing population and high un employment rate especially among youth and women. It is located in Nakabugo parish one of 4 parishes Kalambi Community Outreach Project (KACOP) (Now Child Welfare Attainment Center) intervened as part of its social economic empowerment program. Kalambi Youths and women’s knowledge tackling unemployment was limited. Government had launched Youth Fund to help them create employment, but little was known how to access it.

So KACOP launched a 4 year social economic empowerment program in 2012 – 2016 where village members were mobilized and trained in livelihood skills such as; 30 Youth were trained in music, dance and drama, 15 households trained in vegetable gardening and 80 households were trained in handcraft.

Waswa Denis one of the beneficiaries of Youth’s music, dance and drama training project testify on his achievements after acquiring training in Music, dance and drama.

“I had a degree in BA Human resource and searched for jobs but all in vain. I felt I could do something else to earn a living, my mind was much in music, dance and drama. I was then told that KACOP had this program, so I visited the place and found Master Emma who was the instructor training youth in traditional Dance, I immediately enrolled into the program because it was totally free.

Am pleased for the knowledge I achieved after training here in music, dance and drama, now am able to earn a living from the skills I gained. Schools, individuals, music clubs around and allover Uganda hire me either to perform or to train their children in music, dance and drama, my notable clients include; Ryda vocational school, Mother care Nursery & primary, Shalom Nursery and primary school, Mirembe nursery school, Full gospel church Bulaga City, Power Deliverance church Nakabugo, Kalambi mixed primary, Bright future primary school.
KACOP’s program helped many of us around from engaging in dubious activities like alcoholism and focused much on developing our music career.

Many cases I network with my fellow members who also trained with KACOP in Music, dance and drama like Magi Najjemba who now teaches music, dance and drama at a school in Mukuno District and she heads one of the music, dance and drama group that is hired to perfume on parties in Kampala and surrounding districts like Mukuno, Wakiso, Mpigi and many others”

Waswa Denis