Volunteer & Local Testimonials from Working with KACOP, now CWAC

Jjaja one of the 80 beneficiaries of hand craft project on the benefits she achieved:

“I was sited here always dreaming what to do yet I have grand children to look after, it’s difficult to go out and leave these young children home and also my growing age limits me to search for work. But am happy to have volunteers like Anik who normally comes here with Elizabeth to train us skills in hand craft am now able to make baskets from local materials which I collect from my little banana plantation and from the neighbor’s plantations then take to the market and sell” there is ready market around sometimes Elizabeth from KACOP helps us to send people who buy our products from home. Am now able to feed my grandchildren well”.


Violette Blijiliven From Netherlands testify how she benefited from volunteering with KACOP:

“It was good for me to go far away from my Country, I met really Nice new people that helped to widen my global perspective. One of the greatest achievements was that I learned to work in team with people from different cultures. Uganda is indeed beautiful in nature and learnt a lot from the people I met, I was able to learn some few Ugandan words.

It was also a game changer in my life because I learned to live with community people in a village setting in Uganda far different from that of Netherlands were a live in a city.”

Violette Blijiliven