We match qualified volunteers with medical and educational programs in East Africa.

Many smaller community-based NGOs in East Africa do outstanding work in health, education, and socio-economic development, but their potential is limited by funding and capacity. NGOs are reliant on international organizations who don’t partner with them to deliver sustainable impact and send volunteers lacking the right attitudes and skills.

Similarly, there are many volunteers who are equally frustrated by the “voluntourism” opportunities provided by international volunteering organizations. They want to make a lasting impact for communities and people in need by providing real value to the right NGOs and community-based programs.

Change Africa For Good is an antidote to empty “volunteer” opportunities. We are based in the communities we aim to serve. No international volunteer organization has a better perspective on the real needs of the people, so bring your expertise and make a lasting difference in the world.


Real Impact

Change Africa for Good offers volunteer projects with real impact, ultimately focused on addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Real Partnership

Change Africa for Good matches highly skilled volunteers with organizations with clearly defined needs for those skills. CAFG provides the infrastructure to support volunteers.


Real Needs

The potential of community-based NGOs in East Africa to create meaningful change is great, but it is severely limited by resources.

We want to fix that.

Featured Projects

Medical Camp


Education & Teaching

Early Childhood Development

Success Stories

Before i got into contact with Francis, I was just an ordinary nurse. I was so much empowered and mentored by Francis Sekate since I started the journey of serving people. My passion to serve especially the young people from impoverished backgrounds shine now because of him. He first trained me basic skills like computer and internet usage to complicated skills like project design, organizational development and management and volunteering in particular managing teams of international volunteers. I have so far managed over 20 individual international volunteers from UK, Netherlands, USA, Jamaica and Italy as well as countless local volunteers.
— Elizabeth, CEO of CWAC Uganda