NGO Partnerships

Our NGO and CBO partners are a part of the community fabric. CAFG is here to help our community NGOs with qualified volunteers and non-profit consulting. Become a CAFG member now to start receiving benefits.

How do nonprofit organizations become a member?

Fill out our application, speak with our team and pay the membership fee of $100 per year.

What type of non-profit is eligible for membership?

CAFG encourages all nonprofit organizations to register and become members including all charitable, development, civic, social, educational, governmental, and healthcare organizations. The organization should have registered with authorities in their respective East African countries and must submit a registration number.

How much do I need to pay?

There is an annual membership fee of $100, which can be paid on a pro-rated monthly basis or paid up-front. This fee covers a needs-assessment and planning, volunteers for an unlimited number of volunteer projects, a return-on-impact assessment at the conclusion of the program, capability support and access to online resources.

What are the benefits of membership?

One of the core benefits that every CAFG member experiences is to feel empowered to change communities across East Africa for good. We will equip you and enable you to create real and lasting impact on communities through volunteering.

You can network with similar organizations also benefit from our simple and cost-effective services to help nonprofit organizations like yours recruit the volunteers you need most. Other advantages include increased visibility online, easy-to-use volunteer recruitment tools, convenient account access and more.

What kind of volunteers do I get?

Our member organizations will have access to skilled and experience volunteers in areas of healthcare, education, socio-economic development. We work only with doctors, nurses, teachers, public health workers and relevant business professionals who have completed at least 3 years of their career in relevant areas, have a college/university education, and are based in US, Canada & Europe, Asia and Australia and Africa. You also have access to other audiences like retirees, corporate companies and unions (doctors, nursing, teachers). You will be equipped with real volunteer partners who believe in empowering people and communities, not tourists participating in voluntourism.

What are the Needs Assessment and Return on Impact tools?

As part of our service, we will provide a Needs-based Assessment at the beginning of the program for your nonprofit and a Return-on-Impact assessment at the end of program.


We will conduct a needs-based assessment of your nonprofit and help you define the required programs/capability support needed. We will help you define specific volunteer program target outputs, outcomes, and impact & data sources to track. We will help you establish baseline for community programs

During program

Regularly scheduled meetings with your team will keep the program on track, and progressing towards pre-determined targets.

Post program

We will evaluate results against target outputs, outcomes and impact. We will interview both volunteers and your nonprofit to capture learnings. We will prepare a write up and a simple ‘return on impact’ report for your nonprofit and your volunteer and make it available through our online platform.

How many volunteer projects can be completed in a year?

We offer unlimited number of volunteer projects but this will also depend on your cooperation with CAFG and volunteers enrolling for your programs.

Can my membership be canceled?

Membership can be terminated on grounds that a nonprofit organization is not following terms and conditions set up by CAFG management. Before any member joins us, we make sure all terms and conditions are fully explained and signed. Failure to abide by the terms will result in membership cancellation without further notice or any refund.

Become a Partner

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