Elizabeth’s Story

From just a nurse to a professional social worker and child welfare advocate.

Elizabeth is a professional nurse and social worker; she is the CEO of Child welfare attainment center (CWAC Uganda). She gives her testimonies how she was empowered by Francis Sekate on her journey as a social worker and child welfare advocate.

“Before i got into contact with Francis, I was just an ordinary nurse. I was so much empowered and mentored by Francis Sekate since I started the journey of serving people. My passion to serve especially the young people from impoverished backgrounds shine now because of him. He first trained me basic skills like computer and internet usage to complicated skills like project design, organizational development and management and volunteering in particular managing teams of international volunteers. I have so far managed over 20 individual international volunteers from UK, Netherlands, USA, Jamaica and Italy as well as countless local volunteers.

Am happy that I have executed numerous projects with knowledge I got from Francis and the volunteers he has recruited for CWAC Uganda. For example, currently CWAC Uganda carry out monthly medical comps to help give free basic treatment to vulnerable children. In the last 3years each month we have been able to treat on average 30 Children in skin infections, HIV testing and counselling, dental services, malaria etc. Other projects executed so far include; training hand craft for 15 HIV/AIDS affected household in Buloba and Nakabugo Parishes, soap making project for 30 women of Nakabugo and Buloba parishes.

When Francis stepped down as Chief executive of by then Kalambi community Outreach Project, I took full authority of the organization and made restructuring basing on my own understanding how I wanted to take the organization to the next level. For example, I changed the name to now Child Welfare attainment center Uganda to enable me focus much on children, and also changed the geographical area from serving the people of Wakiso to Mbende district.

I was so much grateful when I heard Francis was championing the development of a volunteering organization “Change Africa For Good” to serve NGOs in East Africa with locally volunteering solutions. I gave it a thumb up because I knew CWAC Uganda would be the first beneficiary among many NGOs in East Africa. Also I trust Francis for his social entrepreneurship skills.”

Elizabeth Fortunate Bakanansa.
Children Welfare Attainment center Uganda.