Teaching & Education


This volunteer project aims to provide access to quality education for rural children in Uganda and Kenya. This essential education program, volunteers are placed in a school in Uganda which has high levels of staff shortages as a result of limited funding and inadequate resourcing.

Children in these schools usually come from single mother’s, orphaned and poverty stricken households which can’t even give them good diet especially during their early childhood growth. There a mix of factors that cause poor quality education programs in rural areas. E.g. poor feeding, school dropout, poor resourced schools which demotivates teachers and lack of skilled teachers.

A wide range of skilled volunteers are need to counteract these challenges.

How volunteers can help poor resourced schools in Uganda and Kenya?

  • Teaching academic subjects – Math, English, social studies and science
  • Physical education – for early childhood
  • Train teachers and parents on dietary best practices
  • Make lesson plans and timetables
  • Create social interaction between staff, parents and children to motivate children learning
  • Monitor children’s growth, and development and any health issues and organize training on hygiene and sanitation both at school and home.
  • Train teachers on teaching best practices
  • Help develop strategic direction for poor resourced schools to grow.
  • Build & renovate class rooms to create a conducive learning environment

Positions needed for primary school & Early childhood development center

These positions are all located in Uganda & Kenya for a duration of 1-4 weeks.

  • Academic teachers – English, math, science
  • School nurses
  • Early childhood development teachers
  • School managers
  • Psychologist
  • Organizational development
  • Trainers in games and sports
  • Social workers
  • Public health workers
  • Nutritionist
  • Building & architecture

Volunteer positions up to 3 months to work in schools

All of these positions run for a duration of 2-3 months.

Uganda only:

  • Strategic planner
  • Organization development

Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania

  • Education researcher
  • strategic advisor


  • Emergency contact
  • Resume/CV
  • Police check

Additional requirements

  • volunteer must bring own computer
  • short term (1-4 weeks) volunteer must commit to raising US$ 494-809 paid in advance.
  • Long term (2-3 month) commit to raising US$ 1000-1500 paid in advance
  • Participation fee borne entirely by the volunteer and no repayment at the end of the project, the fee covers only program funding, accommodation, food, pre-departure administration work, on arrival orientation, airport pick up and Registration fees.

Skills, Qualifications and Experience

  • A volunteer must have completed his/her career in relevant field with 2 years of field work experience
  • Basic English speaking required
  • Some HIV/AIDS knowledge
  • Experience working with diverse populations.
  • Knowledge and skills working in a team effort
  • Must maintain confidentiality regarding organization and constituent information
  • Interest in international development

What to expect on arrival date?

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed and collected by your project coordinator from the airport and delivered to your accommodation house. Here you will receive an orientation to help you settle in, find out about your volunteering placement, the local surroundings and meet your fellow volunteers. A representative from the local team will fill you in on local customs, traveling, rules and recommendations, and of course, what to expect from your volunteering experience. This is a great opportunity to get to know your hosts, meet your fellow volunteers, and ask any last questions you may have.

Accommodation and meals?

Our volunteers in Uganda and Kenya joining our volunteer projects are accommodated by directors of the projects. - which are perfectly located in safe and convenient suburbs close to their project locations. In most cases volunteers are provided with a private room, but during busy periods you many need to share with other volunteers.

Volunteers appreciate that western standards like flash toilets, showers and constant running water should not be expected. Volunteers expect to find very clean pit latrines, bucket shower and water containers to draw water in a nearby water source, or collected in a tank. Bending and mosquito nets are provided.

There is generally no internet available in accommodation areas, however you can purchase a SIM card and purchase a data plan on your phone. Then you can communicate freely back home.

Volunteers on this project are provided 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Volunteers can also prepare meals of their choice should you find local meals not palliative, cooking facilities are normally provided.