Early Childhood Growth & Development


Change Africa for Good is working to improve the quality of life for rural children by implementing child and Household development programs through four core areas:

  • Early childhood care and education

  • Child Health Care and sexual reproductive advocacy

  • Household Economic Empowerment and Skills Training

  • Child protection

This project is found in Mubende district Uganda, Change Africa for Good work with “Child Welfare Attainment Center Uganda” to enhance the Social, emotional, mental and physical development of rural children below the age of seven years in Kawumulwa Ward.

Kawumulwa ward is a rural community located at the suburbs of Mubende Municipal Council 10 km along Kakumiro Road, constituting of five villages with approximately 7000 Population and 20% being children below seven years.

Program Details

Volunteer jobs needed:

  • Day care support Assistants
  • Nutritionists
  • Early childhood development teachers
  • Trainers of teachers for Early childhood development
  • Social workers and psychologists

Location: Mubende district, Uganda, East Africa

Application deadline: year round

Hours of work: 7 hours per day, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday),

Placement period: 2 weeks,

Hours: 7 hours per day, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday),

Project duration: 1-2 weeks

Long term placements: 2-3 months good for interns who want to widen their experience working with children.

Remuneration: unpaid

Services under early childhood development program which volunteers can provide

Pre-primary education: In accordance with the national guidelines for early childhood education, our early childhood development program provides pre-primary education from baby class, Middle class and top class

Psychosocial Support services: This program creates a friendly environment to prevent and help Rural children heal from social defects and rebuild social structure.

Nutritional support: Children are provided with worm, well balance and timely meals three times a day. I.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Evening tea to children while at the center.

Encourage Positive parenting: Caregivers are sensitized on the best practices of early childhood care through workshops and one on one counseling sessions.

Training: CWAC Uganda provides capacity building to the community, caregivers and staff through training sessions.

Provision of writing materials: All children are provided with writing materials

Provision of transport: Children who stay far from the center are provided with transport means to collect from home to the center and back to their specific homes

Volunteers work with local staffs to provide Children with the following:

  • Motivate and stimulate children’s learning ability
  • Provide pastoral care and support to children
  • Assist with the development of children’s personal, social, and physical coordination ability
  • Provide training and technical assistance to early childhood providers of the organization
  • Train guardians of children, the best practices of caring and support for children in early ages.
  • Develop and/ implement a program to communicate the best practices of Early Childhood Development to the staff, caregivers, and stakeholders
  • Guide the development of children
  • Develop and train the use of monitoring, evaluation and reporting tools
  • Model and encourage good health and nutritional habits of children
  • Shall support children to maintain good hygiene
  • Support children to get meals and help to feed little children
  • Ensure that the children feed well and in time
  • Report children who do not have a good appetite
  • Monitor the growth of children with a weighing scale
  • Accompany children who go back home with a school vehicle
  • Coordinate the relationship of children with their caregivers
  • Introduce interesting activities and games to children for emotional development and social interaction.

Required skills, qualifications

  • Background check for any criminal record
  • Communication skills
  • Enthusiasm and passion for children
  • Able to motivate children while finding success and joy in each child every day
  • Patience and humor
  • Respect of others and differences: To respect children’s differences and work with each child’s style and be ready for multicultural classrooms.

Language Proficiency: good English required.

Additional Requirements:

  • volunteer must bring own computer
  • Volunteer on short term (1-4 weeks) must commit to raising $494-809
  • Volunteer on long term (2-3 months) must commit to raising $1000-1500

Participation fee borne entirely by the volunteer/intern and no repayment at the end of the project, the fee covers only the following; program funding, volunteer accommodation, pre-departure administration work, one-day trip around Kampala, on arrival orientation and airport pick up.