The Good

Volunteer tourism, which has come to be known as voluntourism, is a global trend linked to “doing good” in the world while traveling. The industry has exploded into a multi-billion dollar one, largely unregulated, and there was bound to be backlash.

The Bad

Surely, there are those voluntourists who are skilled and ready to serve in Africa. But there are also those who arrive ill-equipped and unprepared, seeking to pad their CVs, boost their social media profiles, and assuage their guilt over their privilege. The result is superficial engagements that benefit no one.

The Ugly

As well, critics of voluntourism point to potential harms, however inadvertent, such as reinforcing paternalism and portraying Africa as desperate, poor, and violent, incapable of moving forward without help from Western countries.



Change Africa for Good does not operate the way other international volunteer organizations do. In fact, we challenge that model. We are based in the communities we serve, so we know what the NGOs need to do their crucial work in health, education, and socio-economic development. We also have in-depth experience working with many NGOs on a local level.

Many community-based NGOs are small, with limited funding and capacity, and they welcome skilled volunteers. But their experiences with international volunteer organizations have been uneven, with the volunteers often lacking the skills and mindsets to do the work. At the same time, they feel unprepared to provide meaningful experiences to volunteers. The outcome is that no one is satisfied.

We are committed to getting the NGOs the right volunteers to meet their needs and ensuring that the volunteers have the life-changing experiences they seek.



Real Needs

We address the real needs of NGOs, the communities they serve and volunteers through assessing needs, matching the right skill sets, and equipping them for success on the ground through our learning resources.


Real Partnership

we work closely with NGOs and volunteers, understanding their aspirations and goals, and supporting them through every step of the journey - enabled by our personalized service & ‘user-driven’ online platform.


Real Impact

We are focused on creating real impact over the long term, setting KPIs to evaluate outputs, outcomes and impact aligned to the UN SDG’s, and providing a ‘return on impact’ report for every single program.

Featured Projects

Project in Kenya - Pastor of Ministry development is needed

Project in Uganda- Day care support assistant volunteer needed

Project in Uganda - Medical and healthcare volunteers are needed to participate in a medical camp

Project in Uganda-Business strategist is needed at a primary school

Project in Uganda - Teacher trainer is needed at a primary school

Project in Kenya - social worker to design a counselling program at a church

Program Guide

Before Volunteering:

1 - Submit your application, and CAFG will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss the opportunity after connecting with the NGO that best fits your desired contribution.

2 - If approved, you will be assigned to your volunteer coordinator, who will be your single point of contact on the ground in your host country. They will reach out to introduce you to the opportunity.

3 - Get your basics organized! An email will be sent to you, detailing necessary visas, travel, logistics, immunizations, insurances etc.

4 - Get prepared! Use the CAFG video modules to learn about volunteering in the community, learn more about your host NGO, and review the volunteering guide with tips on how to make the most of your trip

5 - Get set! A three-way video call between you, your volunteer coordinator and your host NGO will answer any further questions you may have, and provide an opportunity to confirm any final arrangements.

During your volunteer opportunity:

1 - Upon arrival to the airport, your coordinator will meet you and bring you to your host NGO for orientation. They will also provide you with your stipend - your spending money while in country.

2 - Orientation with host NGO. They will show you your accommodations, and host a welcome meal while you discuss the plan for your volunteering period.

3 - Volunteer!

After your volunteer opportunity:

1 - Your volunteer coordinator will contact you with a form to share your experience with the CAFG community. Your feedback is critical to developing the kinds of experiences that volunteers will engage with.

2 - The CAFG experience is not just a volunteer experience. We also provide impact reports to NGOs, and consult with them on how they can best use volunteers, and what they need in order to continue to create positive social impact for their communities

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